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My name is Lacey and I want to live everyday life with intentionality, passion, inspiration, and God-driven purpose, while helping others do the same.  I'm so glad you're here.

I spent the last few years wanting - actually, needing - more from myself, my job, and my relationships.  I was constantly asking myself, Is this it?  I felt like life was quickly passing me by as I waited impatiently for the next new, exhilarating thing to look forward to.  As I started to dream big dreams and believe that I was destined for more, I began this journey that is leading me to the life I am called to live.  Through the trials and errors and the ups and downs, I decided to make my mess my message and use my experiences to help and encourage others.  I fully believe that God has a calling on our lives that is more exciting, adventurous, and fulfilling than we can imagine, a life that is beyond our wildest dreams.

Let me first start out by being very honest with you... I don't really know what I'm doing.  I feel like this platform is a means for me to share (I'm an aspiring writer, ya know), but I also have a sense that this is the beginning of something much bigger.  What that is or what that looks like, I have no clue.